How to download SoundCloud App : Easy tips that you should follow

Bands attempting to sustain an online presence might seem overwhelming as streaming services become the norm and more and more people turn to YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud for their music listening experiences. From this platform, many talents have evolved, including Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Kygo, and Kehlani. That”s the reason why SoundCloud is a craze in people.

And we are here with detailed tutorial on how to rip SoundCloud tracks on Android, iOS and Chrome.
SoundCloud provides an easy way to get started if you ever wanted to post original music or record a podcast. The platform was founded in 2007 by two Swedish designers as a way for artists to share their music and collaborate with others around the globe.

Now, 13 years later, each month, over 175 million unique users access SoundCloud and upload 12 hours of audio every minute to the site. SoundCloud proudly has more than 272 million users in 2020 and 76 million of them are active every month. Since the app is available on both platforms, you can enjoy listening to music on SoundCloud using your phone or laptop.

Download SoundCloud on a Smartphones

Without having any issues, people who own a smartphone can easily download SoundCloud audio app. The app is available for download for Androids from Google Play or Play Store. SoundCloud is available for iOS from the App Store. If you would like to download the app for your computer, follow these easy measures.
It is as simple as a pie to download the app directly onto the phone. The only condition is that users must have a store-related account. Android users log in with their Google account, and iPhone users log in with their Apple ID.

Step 1: Go to Gmail and click on Create an Account to create a Google Account. You get free access to Google Play, YouTube, Facebook, and, of course, SoundCloud through this account.

Step 2: Log in to your Google Play account or an Apple ID on your phone.

Step 3: Type SoundCloud in the Search bar and hit the search icon. OR head over the given link.

For Android:

For iOS:

Step 4: Click on the download icon on the right side of the SoundCloud app. The app will automatically be installed on your phone and you can then enjoy

Download SoundCloud APK for android

You can download the SoundCloud apk and install it in your android device.

Download SoundCloud on a PC or Mac

Sound Cloud can be used online as well as downloaded over a PC. The firm has been trying to release a version of the PC that lives up to the version of the smartphone. Now, you can download the software from the Microsoft Store. This update is called SoundCloud for Windows [Beta] and has the original mobile version basic features. To download SoundCloud audio app on chrome, you
need to follow this simple pack of steps.

Step 1: Build an account with Microsoft

Step 2: Login from a browser in the Microsoft Store or from the app itself on your device. Press Start to locate the Microsoft Store app on your device and you will find it in the right sector of the pop-up screen.
Step 3: Check and download the SoundCloud app from the Store OR you can download the app through this link to easily rip mp3 from SoundCloud:

OR You can also use cloud-based app players like BlueStacks or Nox app player to install Sound Cloud on your PC

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