How To Get Popular On Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a website for users to share music by uploading and allow the listeners to also stream the music. The website is functional on all internet-enabled devices. SoundCloud started in 2007 and over the years till the present, it continues to be a platform supporting the growth of a lot of artists. These artists can launch and promote their music to a large network of audiences. SoundCloud offers listeners the opportunity for a paid monthly membership which allows them to stream music at a premium.

SoundCloud also possesses the feature of uploading music via URLs, this provides the opportunity to stream audio from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As a result of this feature, music is widely available for anyone who has a social media page, which is virtually almost everyone. 

How do I promote my SoundCloud?

Promoting your music on SoundCloud requires that you engage the self-service tool to increase the exposure to your music.

Steps To Creating Promotion On SoundCloud

  • You start by creating a name for your promotion
  • Choose one of your tracks that has a higher monetizing tendency 
  • Select from advanced or simple targeting
  • Decide on a budget you are willing to spend. 
  • Pick a target audience
  • Check if it is available and add it to your cart

Promoting your music will let your music be more visible on the upper part of your target audience’s mobile and desktop. This will enable them to see your music quickly.

Can you become famous on SoundCloud?

In recent times, the music industry is quite concentrated with new artists emerging and creating new music almost every day. And it is no more about talent but the deep know-how of the music industry. You should know how to sell your music if you desire to be successful in making music.

The Steps To Becoming Famous On SoundCloud

  1. Create A Professional SoundCloud Account :- Setting up a professional account is the first thing you do to get on SoundCloud. This is a great step for success because even though your music is more important, it helps users to access your track list. Presenting yourself well will attract listeners to your music firstly. It should include a valid email address, profile picture, profile URL, and a personal description. 
  2. Upload Only Your Best Songs:- To make the best use of SoundCloud in becoming famous, you must upload the best of your music. There are millions of artists and listeners using SoundCloud, and great music has a better chance among users. Consider a few things that could help your music quickly get popular. They include; Correctly upload your music.
  • Choose an appealing title for your song
  • Write a comprehensive song description that would convince your target audience
  • Tag your song track properly, it could influence the possibility of getting your music on the top tracks. 
  • Produce cover songs as promotional copies. 
  • Choose only your best songs 
  • If you are using a pro account or pro unlimited, engage the spotlight feature
  1. Don’t Pay To Get Followers :- Make sure you work towards getting real followers, they are usually more engaging towards your music. With a large number of followers, if you keep getting a low number of likes and comments on your tracks, it would send a negative message. 
  1. Be Bloggers Friendly To Get Features:- You can attract more listeners and gain credibility with music blogs. If you get featured in music blogs with a substantial number of readers, this will pull their readers to your music. In the same way, the blog also gains the attention of your readers.
  1. Engage With Other Users And On Social Media Platforms:- You are human first before you created a SoundCloud profile. For this reason, it is such a great way for people to relate to your music if you also interact as a human with other users. Go on social media to support the works of fellow artists. There is a higher chance that you will also get support in return on the internet thereby promoting you with any fee. 

How do I go viral on SoundCloud?

With your page going viral on SoundCloud, you are on track for a career turnaround for your music. For your music to trend on the platform, you need polished content. Ensure that you put in your time and energy to achieve this and you are improving your chances of going viral. 

Follow these simple steps to build a viral fanbase on your SoundCloud page, they are; 

  • Consistently share your SoundCloud URL on social media. Tell your family and friends to help publicize your URL on their social media posts. Also, if you have a website, you can use this to display your URL. Your website visitors will be able to follow this link to stream your music. 
  • Identify with your target audience, know where they are coming from and their interests. Also, by interacting with them you would be able to get feedback on their likes and dislikes. 
  • Include comments on the tracks you upload. This will help you know their opinions. 
  • Continue to post new content on your page. If you slow down in posting quality content, this may cause your listeners to lose interest in your subsequent content release.  
  • Talk to influencers about playing your music and giving positive comments. Talk show hosts, vloggers, podcasters, and music producers, provide a great opportunity of giving your music more popularity. 

Conclusively, there are about 170 million users on SoundCloud and the chances of becoming popular may seem daunting.  To be popular on SoundCloud requires intentionally taking steps and committing to it. So you need to start right now.

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