SoundCloud is one of the best audio streaming channel

SoundCloud is an online music streaming network allowing the user to listen and generate music. It is somewhat of a social media network that will enable you to like and comment on other people’s work.

SoundCloud is a collection of all music genres, podcasts, audiobooks, and much more. It is one of the world’s largest music streaming platforms offering more
than 200 million tracks with daily growth in new and impressive tracks.

Why SoundCloud is one of the best audio streaming channels

SoundCloud is a fantastic facility allowing new talents to upload and showcase their skills to the world. Paid accounts of SoundCloud will enable you to distribute your music to major music streaming channels.

It is a platform offering all the things music listeners or music producers need. It provides incredible mixing tools for DJs.

SoundCloud supports various significant platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows 10 beta, Xbox one, Sonos , and even on the SoundCloud website. This way, the SoundCloud services are available on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and other consoles.

The thing that makes SoundCloud stand out from other such streaming networks is that it allows users to listen and upload audios even with no subscription level. It also gives you basic stats such as real-time plays, downloads, likes, comments, reposts, and saves.
It offers fantastic DJ tools, including Serato, Virtual DJ, Integrations with Native Instruments, DEX3 and Pioneer DJ.

There are plenty of SoundCloud rippers available online that allow users to download their favorite tracks and listen to them offline. SoundCloud also
generates an RSS feed so the musicians can submit the podcasts to other channels like iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher.

Amazingly, SoundCloud generates a unique WordPress code to embed the tracks easily on WordPress posts. One of the best things about SoundCloud is that it allows you to switch to other channels while SoundCloud tracks are running in the background.

SoundCloud allows the user to keep tabs on favorite tracks, artists, record labels, and news outlets similar to a Facebook or Twitter feed.

How to upload on SoundCloud

Uploading a track on SoundCloud is also very easy. The user can select the “Upload” option available on the top navigation bar’s left side, next to the user
avatar. The user then chooses the desired audio file to upload. You add title and description to the track and also can label them with different tags.

SoundCloud streams the audios at 128kbps MP3. It supports audio files with MP2, MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, AMR, OGG, and FLAC. Files more than 4GBs are split into parts.


Using a SoundCloud account is relatively simple. One can use it for free or sign up with an email address, Facebook, or Gmail. The user can easily download the
SoundCloud app from PlayStore or Apple iStore.

Even without any subscription, the user can type the desired track onto the search bar, and SoundCloud will drop down a list of results based on the search
query. The user can choose one from the results and enjoy limitless tracks on the go.

SoundCloud also offers a list of top listened tracks on the SoundCloud Top 50 section.


SoundCloud offers up to three levels of subscriptions; Free, Go, and Go+. In the Free subscription level, the user can listen to unlimited tracks and upload
120 minutes of audio. It also shows music and tracks based on the user’s listening history and likes. It allows the user to connect with friends and create separate playlists.

GO subscription level makes your listening ADs free, giving you more hours of audio uploading. It also allows the user to take the music collection offline.

Go+ level comes with more than 6 hours of audio. It allows the user to skip previews, show advanced stats, create a spotlight, and listen to original tracks
from superstars.

Downloading SoundCloud music

To rip audio from SoundCloud, you need to copy the link to the audio and paste on SoundCloud downloader online like sound cloud converter/ SoundCloud downloader . Then click on the download option available on screen. Your track will be downloaded into the audio files of your device.

Making and organizing a playlist

Making a playlist on SoundCloud is also very easy. To compile a song into a playlist, the user needs to hover over a track, select the Add to Playlist” option
from the dropdown to add the track to your existing playlist, or create a new one right then and there.

Tracks can be dragged and dropped into the playlists and can be reordered. The user can change the playlist’s name, change its permalink, add images and tags to it.
The user can listen to the playlist without any interruption or commercial breaks.

SoundCloud Social Networking

SoundCloud allows the user to share the tracks over other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Email, and Tumblr.

SoundCloud allows users to “Follow” their favorite users by clicking the Follow button on a user’s profile. This way, you get to see every track they upload in your feed, just like any other social media app. The user can also repost the tracks on his feed by clicking the “repost” option.

To comment on a SoundCloud track, the user needs to tap at the desired position on the track and place a comment on it. This fantastic feature allows the user to comment at the exact point to tell the artist about its specific review.

To join a particular group of friends, discuss a special genre of music, sharing your favorite music with a specific group of music lovers, or anything; SoundCloud
allows you to create groups and add multiple friends in there. You can search for groups in the top navigation bar’s dropdown menu. You can
create a new group or join the existing groups.

Artists that came from SoundCloud

Not every music artist is lucky enough to be walking down the streets and stumble over a seven-figure recording contract with a shiny magical band. With
10 million music creators and 76 monthly users, SoundCloud has become a catalyst for a ton of artists to get on their feet. Over the years, it has become a
gateway for upcoming musicians and rappers.

Post Malone is a New York based artist who uploaded his song on SoundCloud named White Iverson. Within a month of being there on the innerwebs, it became a viral sensation.

Marshmello is another artist who made his way to success through SoundCloud, and now he’s the world’s most expensive DJ. He started his work by remixing EDM artists’ work on SoundCloud.

XXXTentacion also started his music career by uploading SoundCloud’s work with his first official song called Vice City. His sound was so appreciated that it hit
number 34 on the billboard hot 100.

Everyone’s favorite, Billie Eilish, also made her journey towards music through SoundCloud. She uploaded her single called “Ocean Eyes” to SoundCloud without the intention to gain attention. But she became a viral sensation overnight.

Kygo was also lucky enough to upload his artwork to SoundCloud at the right time in the right genre. Now, he has over 1.5 million SoundCloud followers.

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